Building on Your Site
is when a client has acquired

a site other then through Ventimiglia.  Each project has its own unique requirements. Some need special care in preparation of site plans,  land and structural engineering.

Normally a topographical survey is needed  to establish grades and to set the brick ledge heights around the house.  In addition, a site plan indicates the location of house to the site boundaries, driveway requirements and utility locations.  Drainage of water away from the house must also be defined.

In all cases wells or city water must be brought to the house. If sewer is unavailable, septic fields must be tested and designed.  Removal of trees from the site and land balancing of grade play a significant role in the building process.  Addition of soil or its removal may impact cost.

In assisting site acquisitions, we offer the opportunity for us to view the site prior to its purchase, at no cost to our clients. In viewing the site we discuss both its attributes and its challenges.

We require our clients to contract all site work through Ventimiglia. We have found control of the improvements must come from a single source to be cost effective, and eliminate confusion and delays.  A managing fee for the improvement will be included
in the contractual agreement.

Most of our homes are built offsite, each unique with there own challenges and charm.  We enjoy working together with our clients in both designing & building their homes, bringing out the best out of the site’s beauty.

Site Plan Example