Welcome to the Ventimiglia Building Company Website

Ventimiglia Building Company are passionate about offering our clients the opportunity of a custom designed home to fit their individual life styles. By not setting limitations, along with collective interaction, a well designed home will provide timeless enjoyment.  Step by step, reversing the process, by first starting with the total available budget, working down to site cost, setting aside a pocket towards upgrades, determining square footage, gives a formula for success.

In the selection of a site, we must be mindful of hidden costs such as the  addition or removal of dirt, utilities, water and sewer.  We offer the opportunity in reviewing a site’s benefits and challenges, before you commit yourself to its purchase. We have in many cases helped in the purchase of the  land, acting in behalf of our clients.

Once the site has been selected, the design phase begins. Now the fun starts by interacting together developing the home’s personality and structure, room by room.  Understanding the family sizes, needs, interests and necessary elements, the design sets the beginning boundaries._From this, the improvements and adjustments are made developing the final layouts.

During the designing process, the home's budget will be defined, providing allowances dedicated for specific selections for each phase.

Our "Color Selection Phase" is very critical in the blending of texture and color from which the personality develops, inside and out._The experience in building and designing a home with Ventimiglia is  rewarding for many years. We find it wonderful from start to completion watching a home come out of the ground and provide a gathering place for families to enjoy each other.

Consider us as your choice to build your home. We are knowledgeable on water front with special soil conditions, parcels requiring both well and septic, and those that require engineering  in the splitting of parcels through municipalities.

We build in all price ranges and sizes.  Last year we built a home on 3.5 acres including the land in Wales Twp. for $210,000  and at the same time built a home in Chesterfield on 4 acres for $1,100,000. Both homes had unique architectural details, making  both families very happy.