How We Design
of a custom home for our clients,

begins by first understanding there family makeup and price.  Many designers don’t understand cost, and will over design, adding unnecessary expenses.  Every line drawn impacts cost._In the many homes designed by Ventimiglia, we have been able to achieve a balance, not only in the look but in budgeting values properly.

Client interaction in the designing of their home provides unpredictable opportunities.  We find in every project ideas and interpretations surfacing accidentally that come out of numorus discussions bringing beauty.

In the first discussions, we want to understand primary needs that must be achieved, and ideas for things you would wish for.  At this time we get to know the family better and start the sketching process.   We are good listeners, finding as the design progresses, important aspects emerge. Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that is the most important.

Each time we meet to review the design progress, the design is brought closer and closer to its final layout.   Numerous opportunities for change and improvements are reviewed to best provide for our clients personal goals. During this period budgeting is developed for upgrades and pricing. This enables the client to control their costs, step by step.
Once the basic layout is defined, elevations are created to enhance the appeal inviting you from the exterior into enjoying the interior finishes.   We find the beauty of early 1920 English and French Cottage styles to influence our work the most.   Tall roof pitches, well placed Quarry stone and Masonry details, add charm.   In study of great Architecture, the minute details, delicately placed are the most influential, undetectable and simple.

Building  a custom designed home does not come at a premium cost.  Planning for specific detail in most cases only requires imagination and a willingness to be open-minded and work a little smarter.

Example Of Floor Plan Design
Example of Elevation Design