About Us
Selecting Ventimiglia Building

Company you are provided personal attention to the details
that matter most throughout all of the
designing and building process.

Simple elegance is achieved inside and out, personalized through designing, packaging, size, & finishes by value and cost.

Mindful designing, and the right sizing of a layout, provides
for space utilization and interior selections, while detailing unique elevations with personality.

The Design phase is focused on a wish list of ideas that are verbalized
then captured on paper. Enthusiasm in the color selection process, is provided to make well informed choices of materials, and then assembled with premier craftsmanship and care.

“Turning a House into a Home”

At Ventimiglia Building Company we want to accomplish
most of the challenges families have in
maximizing their quality of living.

We are Proud to Serve your Needs in Making a Dream Come True

On Your Site or Ours.